» To create authentic history of Honorable Maharaja Agrasen ji, along with the history of the Agroha and Agrawal community and to arrange for its printing, publication and circulation.
» To establish research institution and arrange for the research.
» To help the government in arch logical excavation work to find the history of Agroha community through the remains found in excavation.
» To develop Agroha for religious tourism.
» To arrange for celebration of Maharaja Agrasen ji’s Jayanti every year.
» To arrange for the recitation of the epic On Maharaja ji, along with organization of fairs and Satsangs for the spiritual development .
» To help to promote Sanskrit, Hindi, and other Indian languages.


» To mobilize all the male and female members of the community along with all the institutions Belonging to the community.
» To do the census of the Agrawal community or to get it done.
» To print and publish directories of the Agrawal community at all India, district and zonal levels.
» To establish friendship and entertainment clubs for the children youth and ladies and adults of the society.
» To publish a national level magazine.
» To establish AGRA SEWA DAL.
» To unite the community and for their mantel and spiritual development and for entertainment of the community, the society will undertake to organize –festivals, fairs ,seminars, poem recitations ,camps ,plays ,tours ,anniversaries of the great people of the community etc.

Educational and Trainings:

» To give awards in different forums and to encourage bright upcoming Agrawal Youth in the field of Art, Science, Literature, Economics, commerce, and  other technical fields.
» To Open colleges Hostels, Libraries, establish playground and to organize them and maintain them.
» To print, publish, and distribute of the literature useful for the society.


» To bring changes in Agrawal conventions, and apprise people of the community of the Agrawal conventions from time to time.
» To encourage weddings in the day time and also encourage collective weddings.
» To organize marriages within the community and also organize meetings of the young people by arranging marriage clubs and in special get together for the purpose. To publish marriage list by self or through agencies.
» To study the social conventions, make modifications in them according to time, and protect our social conventions and culture and also help others in this cause.
» To publish a code book on Agrawal social customs and traditions with the view to bring similarity in following these customs and traditions. The society will also undertake publicizing and advertising.

Upliftment of Ladies and Youth:

» To give a special place to Ladies and the youth in all the social activities. It can be done by them through their independent organization. This should be done to inculcate National interest in them and make them more aware towards the Nation. By using this mother and youth power to build a better society.
» To arrange programs for the welfare of the ladies and the youth, to look after their physical, mental, spiritual and social development. Their interest should be kept foremost in mind.
» To create Ladies and youth chapters (Women & Youth Organization) at national level and give them reasonable representation in every organizational and work.
» To help destitute and widow ladies and orphan boys to make them self dependent.

Physical and Mental Development:

» To make the society healthy ,physically and mentally the society will undertake training of meditation and Yoga.
» To arrange for sports and exercises.
» To establish and help to establish health centers, nursing houses, dispensaries, orphan Houses. Hospitals ,old age homes ,child centers and help the running centers and by managing them.
» To create youth centers, prepare the youth for social work, take their services for organizing the fairs and festivals organized by the community time to time.

Constructive and Creative Work:

» All the institutions like Dharamashalas(night shelters) buildings ,temples ,hostels, colleges, libraries, reading centers, marriage houses ,offices of the Aggarwal institutions, hospitals, and other creative and constructive institutions will be provided with guidance, and to support them to construct their own buildings or construct buildings for them or to rebuild their buildings or to support them to do so. Will also help to plug the mismanagement of funds, being used for all the aforesaid work, and support the good use of the fund.
» To establish Agrasen collection centers at different places to collect funds for the aforesaid activities. To request each member of the Aggarwal community, to donate a part of their income for the constructive work of the community .

Other Work To Help The Masses In General By which all the People of the Country are Benefited:

» To work for the upliftment of the human race and work constructively by project which masses in general in the country and human race as a whole is benefited.
» To give support to all the other communities of the nation and to take their support in community work .
» To work on the principle of honorable Mahraj Agrsen ji to establish socialism on national level and to inculcate the feeling of help to all the less fortunate and needy masses of the society .
» To work towards the goal of achieving name and fame for the Agrawal community, India as Nation, and Human race of the universe.
» The a gins of this society will be available to all the citizens of India ,without any difference in caste creed or religion .
» This registration is done in the National capital region of Delhi under the Registration act of 1980 /21 (Punjab amendment )1957’s Act 2 .